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Providing Dog Training for the Dayton & Cincinnati Areas since 2005 with literally 1000's of happy clients!

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Let me help you transform your puppy into the dog you've always dreamed of...

Or your money back!

Dear Puppy Owner,

I am sure by now you've realized that owning a puppy is a big responsibility and sometimes it is down right tough!  Working with Puppies and their owners is my passion.  Believe it or not your puppy does need training and we start as early as 8 weeks old!  Our Puppy Preschool is designed for all puppies ages 8-16 weeks old.

So, why do I love working with puppy owners? Several reasons:

          * Puppy Owners are excited about training and learning

          * I deal with adult dogs every week with BIG problems that could                      have been avoided if they had gone through puppy training

          * Most dogs in dog pounds wouldn't be there if they were trained as                puppies 

          * Puppy Training is the best way to bond with your new addition

Really Guys...I could go on and on but you get the point.

I'm so confident that you'll love my Puppy Training that I offer a 100% money back guarantee!  Clients are so happy with training that 95% of puppy owners continue on to obedience training with me!  This alone is a testament of what we accomplish...owners love it so much that they want more!

Did you know most puppy owners believe that their puppies will outgrow certain behaviors?


Behaviors like going to the bathroom in the house, chewing, jumping on people, and the big one....biting.  I have news for have to TEACH them right from wrong, they don't just figure it out on their own!

Let me show you how to raise your puppy to be well rounded, adult dog with no swatting, no rubbing noses in messes, and without you having thoughts of getting rid of your new pet.

So What's Included?


7 weeks of Puppy Preschool that include the following:

 You get 7 weekly small group lessons to help set your puppy up for                success and we teach you skills that will help you enjoy the new                      member of  your family.  I LIMIT THE CLASS SIZE SO I CAN GIVE              YOU AND YOUR PUPPY ONE ON ONE ATTENTION!!  During these              lessons we will work on the following:

         *You will learn what NOT to do with your puppy
         *You will learn to properly socialize your puppy with other dogs and              people
          *We will begin basic obedience.
          *You will learn how to properly deal with typical puppy                                         behaviors...FAST!
          *You will learn how not to reward bad behavior...and how to use ONE               key piece of equipment to get your puppy trained fast!

          *And much, much more!    


The program also includes a leather leash, training collar, and a placeboard.....That's almost $100 worth of training equipment for free!


Everything Included: $427.00

Upcoming Classes:

Check out our Bookings Page (Link Below) for available dates!

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