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The Smartest,


Easiest Way to 

Train Your Dog....I Guarantee it

or Your Money


Home of the 5 Day Transformation
Let me transform your dog's behavior with just
some simple obedience commands in 5 days!

Providing Dog Training for the Dayton & Cincinnati Areas since 2005 with literally 1000's of happy clients!

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Did you know that 95% of all dog problems can be fixed with just simple obedience commands??

Let me show you these commands and just how easy they are!

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Why are you looking for a dog trainer?

  • Pulling you down the street?

  • Not coming when called?

  • Jumping on everyone that comes to the door?

No matter what the issue is, I can help!

Sign up for my programs and prices NOW!

Once you learn my approach to dog training you will be on your way to having a desirable member of the family & to having the best dog you have ever owned!

Let me show you how a reliable Heel, Sit, Place, and a Come command can fix most behavioral problems.  That's right, just a few Basic Commands will go along way!

Dear Friend,

Are you tired, or even embarrassed, of your dog's behavior?

My name is Mike Loesche.  I have helped thousands of dog owners just like you!  As a matter of fact, I've helped people like you achieve things they never thought possible with their pets.

I GUARANTEE you will be happy with my training or I will give you ALL your money back!  If I can't help you I don't want your $$!

So how can I make such a bold guarantee??

Simple...since 2005 I have personally trained 1000's of dogs, everything from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. Have there been dogs that I haven't been able to train? I'd be lying if I said no. However, if I dont think that I can help you, I'll be honest with you and you'll be out nothing. Me not being able to help someone with their dog is very rare. The vast majority of dogs that I work with do extreamly well. And the best part is, the transformation can be done in just 5 days! I know what you may be thinking, "Mike, my dog already knows how to sit, etc". My question to you is, will your dog "sit" when someone knocks on the front door? This is what I'm talking about when it comes to teaching your dog reliable real world obedience commands. Most dogs that come to me know how to "sit", but wont do it with much relability in most scenarios. This needs to be what we focus on, getting your dog to perform basic obedience commads with reliability in most if not all situations.

BONUS!!  After your program I will give you 4 small group sessions for free to further educate you on my methods and to solidify your dog's obedience around real world distractions.

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My training program comes with all the training equipment you need to help you and your dog be successful! No up-selling or hiden costs!

Listen, I am not one of those dog trainers that concentrates on competition obedience. If you're looking for an competition obedience trainer, Im not your guy. I focus on training your dog to be a reliable pet in the real world.

                 1.  Comes when called, EVERY TIME!

                 2.  No more pulling you down the street.

                 3.  Quit jumping on everyone.

                 4.  And so much more......

I know not everyone is dealing with big time behavior issues.  I help bad dogs become good dogs and good dogs become better!  So don't think your dog isn't "bad enough" to reach out!

Text or Call Now! 513-218-4833

As my program helps your dog learn new skills you will find yourself:
* Wanting to spend more time with your pet
*Staying focused and motivated about your dog's success
*Moving out of your comfort zone and into the achievement zone
*Reducing your current stress level with your dog

What holds everything together??  It's Fun!!!

If you are ready to stop making excuses and get committed to your dog's success

Text, Call or Email Me!!


I look forward to working with you,

Mike Loesche, Owner of Homeland K-9

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